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Creative Beginnings Child Development Centers
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4 years- 5 years

1 day/week = $43

2 days/week = $86
3 days/week = $129
4 days/week = $172
5 days/week = $210
Hourly drop-in = $6.75/hr

Lead Teachers
Cameron Williams
Kasi Loewe


 Our Preschool teachers follow a daily routine with some flexibility throughout the day. They have small group and large group times where they have the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideologies to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We follow the Highscope Curriculum and assess the children through observation and documentation using the COR Advantage assessment. In the Preschool classroom they have a large chunk of time in the morning and another in the afternoon for the children to interact with one another during free choice time candidly, where they learn how to play appropriately with one another, solve social problems, and learn empathy towards their classmates. We strive to incorporate reading and writing skills into our daily routine in an open ended and fun way so that your children will leave our program and be ready to succeed in Kindergarten.