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6 weeks- 1 year

1 day/week = $47

2 days/week = $94
3 days/week = $141
4 days/week = $188
5 days/week = $230
Hourly drop-in = $8.00/hr

Lead Teacher
Bailey Campbell

Our Infant room is required to maintain an on demand schedule for all of the children. This means all infants eat, sleep, and play when they need. We provide premade NeuroPro Enfamil formula for your infant if you choose, or you may bring in expressed breastmilk for your child or formula in ready to feed bottles. When your child reaches the age and you have tried it at home, we will provide infant rice or oatmeal, pureed baby foods, and solid table foods when ready. Once your child has started table foods you will receive a menu so you may indicate which foods you are okay with your child having. 

Our Infant teachers provide a variety of sensory activities for your infants to experience that help scaffold their learning emotionally and physically as they grow.